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The Club




The Club
  The Episcopal Youth Office of the diocese of Münster has a long tradition of supporting weekend seminars on international dancing as part of the programme of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Musik. During these seminars Rainer and Hella Kemming sometimes presented square dances with singing calls and many participants expressed the wish to learn more about square dancing.

As a result, Hella and Rainer adopted an idea which had been tried in the Saarland and offered a square dance class as a series of weekend courses. The 60-odd basic figures were divided into groups and each year one group of figures was taught, by different callers, at two or three weekend courses.

On the weekend of May 28th 1988 the first graduation took place at the Jugendburg in Gemen. 82 new square dancers graduated and received their Bachelor of Square Dancing diplomas.

Many of the new graduates wished to continue dancing actively and felt that it would not suffice to meet for one or two weekends a year in Gemen. Therefore, 19 of the graduates founded the Square Dance Club Pumpernickel Promenaders e.V. in Münster on July 1st 1988.

The first annual general meeting was opened by the then president of the club Wolfgang Haehnel on September 16th 1988. At this meeting Stephan Seyberlich was appointed club caller.

At present the club has more than 80 members and two callers, Stephan Seyberlich and Uwe Holzhäuser. The club meets twice a month for square dances.

Everyone is welcome to visit the club, either to dance (for graduates) or to learn about square dancing.



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